Optimum metabolism

  We read about the importance of having an optimal metabolism, but what does that mean? Your metabolism determines how efficient your body is at processing different enzymatic reactions from the breakdown of macronutrients to the detoxification of chemicals. The first organ for metabolism is liver. Many strategies to help you get started on optimizing your liver’s function. The liver is an organ of detoxification located on the upper-right part of the abdomen. It is protected by the ribs and weighs. It receives all the blood from the body from a series of large blood vessels and it helps in detoxifying it. The liver also makes important proteins, fats and glycogen (ready energy) and other factors to help keep you feeling healthy. When the liver is unable to utilize all of the fuel we consume, it begins to accumulate in the form of intracellular liver fat. This is commonly referred to as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

This extra intracellular fat makes the liver less efficient and is one of the first signs of insulin resistance, even before the blood sugar levels begin to rise3. NAFLD is also extremely common, with human studies having found incidences of up to 19 percent.

Common signs of NAFLD are: Abnormal liver enzymes, and increase in waist size and hormonal imbalances.

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