Should You Have Fruits On An Empty Stomach

Healthy, juicy and ever-so-nutritious, a fresh bowl of fruits is perhaps a magic potion for most of our health woes. Packed with essential vitamins, fiber, flavonoids and antioxidants- fruits must be a part of everybody's diet. While we know it is always better to consume seasonal fruits over the ones that that are not in season, but is it enough to start munching these fruits at any hour of the day or is there a specific point in a day where you can get the maximum nutrition?

There are several myths surrounding the best time to have fruits. Somehow, eating fruits on empty stomach, has always been under the scanner. Some say it can aggravate acid production, while some say it is the best time to have fruits. So what is the truth? Let's find out.
According to Consultant Nutritionist Dr. Rupali Datta, "There is no such good or bad time for eating fruits. They are healthy and nutritious, hence are good at almost any point of the day. You can have them on empty stomach, or after a meal. If you have had a heavy meal, it is advisable to keep a slight gap."

A few years back, there were some experts claiming that one should have fruits on empty stomach only. According to their argument, having fruits with meals may slow down the digestion and cause the fruit to sit in your system longer than it is expected to. This may also cause minor gas and discomfort.

While the fibre present in the food may take long to get out of your system, but that causing any discomfort may not be entirely right. In fact, the fibre in the fruit, due to its slow digestion would make you feel full for long, and prevent you to binge on other food.

Therefore, one can definitely eat fruits on empty stomach; however, if one wishes to eat fruits with their meal, there is no harm in that either.
There are experts and studies that claim, not fruits but the kind of fruits that one should be weary of. It is said that one should not have too many citrus fruits on an empty stomach. This may increase acid production in the stomach. Moreover, having fruits packed with tough fibres like guava and oranges early in the morning can slow down the digestive system too.

Ayurveda expert Dr. Dhanvantri Tyagi also believes that there is no good or bad time to eat fruits. "However, people who are suffering from cold or severe acidity should avoid citrus fruits on an empty stomach", he noted.

Whatever be the ideal time to eat fruits, one cannot deny the fact that fruits are some of the most nutritious additions you can make to your diet. Make sure you have one whole fruit each day. Fruit juices, especially packed juices are ripped off the natural fibres and roughage.

Don't shy away from experimenting with different kinds of fruits as they are a powerhouse of essential vitamins and minerals.

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