Lecture entitled "Hemorrhagic fever"

16 April 2019

As part of the cultural season of the Environmental Research Center in Cairo Assistant Professor Dr. Salih Abdul-Redha Al-Salih lecture entitled "Hemorrhagic fever" begins on Wednesday, 10/4/2019, where the lecture summarized the following:

Viral Hemorrhagic Fever (VHF) is a group of infectious diseases that infect human and causes disability of the natural coagulation lead to heavy bleeding at subcutaneous, eyes, ears and maybe systematic, many types of viruses causes (VHF) like Ebola virus, Dengue fever and yellow fever. Human infection causes by contacting with the infected animals or by vector arthropods like mosquito or tick which is carrying the virus body, The real threat to virus diseases come from lack of true treatment and the vaccination is not permanent, The best way to avoid infection is to prevent it by avoiding infested places, eating and drinking safe food and water, control rodents and insects, take the vaccine and check before traveling outside the country.

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