Symposium on Improving the Environment of the Brick Industry

21 April 2019

 In light of the importance of strengthening the basic role of universities in building the society in all its developmental fields, including health, economic, scientific and cultural, and to address the problems that confront our daily life and in a scientific and technical manner aimed at proposing successful solutions that serve the community, Environment for the Middle Region The symposium entitled "Improving the Environmental Reality of the Brick Industry" was held on Thursday 18 April 2019 at the Green Hall in the center.

The seminar included four working papers as follows:

The first working paper (the environmental reality of the brick factories in Iraq) presented by the former chief architect Eng. Thabet Khalil, Assistant Director General of the Department of Protection and Improvement of the Environment of the Middle.

The second working paper (the brick industry in Iraq between Iraq and ambition), presented by Mohannsen President Aked Ali Akhtar Ahmed / consultant engineer in the Directorate of the mark for industrial development.

The third working paper (Brick industry in the public sector / problems and solutions and the treatment of industrial claims) Chief Engineer Majed Jassim Hamoudi and the chief engineer of the oldest Ghani Awad Hassan / General Company for Construction Industries.

The fourth working paper (Experiment of the operation of traditional brick factories using LPG), which was given by the assistant head of engineers Shaima Ahmed Issa from the gas filling company.

A lecture by Assistant Professor Dr. Amer Majid Al-Dabbagh / Machinery and Equipment Engineering / Technological College.

The symposium concluded with a number of recommendations that will be mentioned after being approved by the Board of Directors.

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