Lecture entitled "Publishing in the Scientific Journals"

12 May 2019

As part of the cultural season of the Environmental Research Center

The Lecturer Dr. Mohammed Moayad Taha delivered a lecture entitled "Publishing in the Scientific Journals" on Thursday, 9/5/2019,

where the lecture summarized the following:

  • Outputs of the scientific research play an effective and fundamental role in the advancement of societies as the true results of a painstaking research effort leading to the problems that can solve it, push towards the progress and discovery, and invention of what the human needs for the welfare of various kinds.
  • Publishing in scientific journals affects the calculation of the number of users who use the research as a reference, indicating its importance in both scientific and applied terms, and affects the author's account by increasing the value of H-index of the author and university for the number of research and the time of its use.
  • According to Scopus statistics for the last twenty years, Iraq has published in all specialties about 11 thousand research, while Turkey published 434 thousand, Iran 333 thousand, Egypt 137 thousand, Saudi Arabia 111 thousand, UAE 31 thousand, Jordan 28 thousand, Lebanon 20 thousand, Kuwait 18 Qatar, 13,000, Oman 12 thousand, Syria 5,000, Bahrain 4,000, Palestine 4,000, Yemen 2,000.
  • The number of researches published for the best five Iraqi universities since its inception was as follows: University of Baghdad 4009, University of Mosul 2138, University of Basra 1817, University of Technology 1270, University of Mustansiriya 752 researches.


  • Conducting a workshop on the important steps for scientific publication.
  • Encouraging lecturers and researchers to publish through financial rewards or through moral support as grants of a letter of thanks and appreciation from Chancellor of University for each research published and for all participants, as is the case in most of the world's distinguished universities (or limit the number of covered to five); or the allocation of a fixed reward for each research to be divided among the participants, which increases the number of citation and H-index for researcher, university and country.
  • Include all participants in the research (or determine the number of covered up to five researchers) in scientific promotions and performance evaluation.
  • Urge lecturers and researchers to cite each other's research to increase the citation rate and the H-index of researcher and university.
  • Urge postgraduate students by giving them a grade on the discussion (or on the general average) for each research published by the student in scientific journals or considering the publication of at least one of the requirements for obtaining the certificate.
  • Open a free scientific translation office (or a nominal fee) for lecturers and students, since English is the main obstacle in writing and publishing research in scientific journals.
  • The university should participate in one of the scientific publishers or international libraries (such as Science Direct) to provide the references needed by the writer to support his research for free, which increases the acceptance of publication in the journals.
  • Encouraging lecturers and researchers to open an account in specialized scientific publishing sites such as; Google Scholar, ResearchGate, Publons, ORCID, Academia because they help to spread knowledge and thus increase the percentage of citation.


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