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Lecture entitled "Sustainable green industrialization is one of the foundations of the future development of industry"

16 May 2019

As part of the cultural season of the Environmental Research Center

Assistant Professor Dr. Luma Adnan Al Kindi 

has been gave her lecture entitled "Sustainable Green Manufacturing as a Basis for the Future Development of the Industry" on Wednesday 15/5/2019 within the activities of the scientific season of the Environmental Research Center for the current academic year. A set of concepts about sustainable industry Production of materials were defined associated with value-added services and programs, and recycling using highly efficient processes. The green industry can be defined as renewable processing methods to produce environmentally efficient services and goods to reduce pollution and waste generated, Through previously planned manufacturing processes, to conserve natural resources for future generations. "Environmentally-friendly industrialization will become one of the biggest strategic challenges in the industry, not only from an engineering perspective, but from a business and marketing perspective as well. The important foundations in product design are reusable design, design for disassembly, and design for reprocessing.