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Lecture entitled “Proofreading and Editing Effective Techniques for Flawless Publications”

11 February 2020

As part of the cultural season of the Environmental Research Center


 Dr. Thaer Al-Jadir (lecturer in the University of Technology) presented a lecture on Tuesday, 11/2/2020 at 12:00 entitled “Proofreading and Editing Effective Techniques for Flawless Publications”. The lecturer stated that the non-acceptance of scientific research, i.e. its rejection by the approved international journals, leads to a state of frustration and upset for the researcher (author) or researchers (authors) involved in due to their great effort and long time in preparing it. This state of rejection is a normal case in this field because it may face many researchers with high experience in their specialized field. Several studies have been conducted to investigate the reasonable reasons that led to the refusal of research by the reviewers in those international journals. It was found that the process of writing the article plays an important role as a means of communication for the transfer of knowledge and then influence later in the field of knowledge.

In this seminar, the lecturer extensively discussed the writing of manuscript based on a scientific method to avoid common mistakes that lead to reducing the chances of its acceptance for publication in terms of proofreading (language corrections-grammar) and editing the manuscript and then preparing it to be submitted for publication.