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Lecture entitled “Digital Platforms”

22 April 2020

As part of the cultural season of the Environmental Research Center

Mrs. Zahraa Zahraw Farhan-Assist. lecturer in the Department of Environmental Pollution-ERC presented a lecture online using the ZOOM platform on Tuesday, 21/4/2020 at 12:30 pm entitled “Digital Platforms”. The lecturer stated that electronic platforms can be defined as an interactive educational environment that depends on the nature of its work on the use of numerous technologies, allowing more participants to communicate and interact with each other. These platforms are characterized by many advantages such as their ability to combining the advantages of electronic content management systems with online communication networks and contributing to the dissemination of various educational activities and achieving a communication between the teacher and the student, which lead to facilitating the process of exchanging ideas and opinions and sharing scientific content between the two sides of communication. Thus, positively reflecting in the achievement of high-quality educational outcomes. The lecturer demonstrated there have been many of these platforms where each of them having characteristics and advantages in terms of the performance and the number of participants as well as the allowed period of time for communication.

Because of the current conditions in terms of the spread of coronavirus and the complete disruption of official working hours in educational institutions, the lecturer recommended that the electronic platforms should be used (easy tools and do not need special skills) to ensure the continuing process of education and academic communication.