Mitochondria and sustainable health

17 February 2021

  In the implementation of the directives of the Director of the Environment Research Center, the respected Prof. Dr. Abdulhameed Mohammed Jawad Al-Obaidi, and in the presence of a number of the center's staff, the Head of the Sustainable Development Department, Assistant Professor Basim Hashim Faraj, gave a lecture entitled (Mitochondria and Public Health) on Thursday 4/2/ 2021 in the Lecture Hall / Department of Sustainable Development

The lecture began with the definition of human health and what it means for the body’s organs to function properly and thus it indicates the complete health of the cell and the proper performance of its functions. In order for the cell to function properly, it requires the availability of energy, which it self-generates after entering the food components of the cytoplasm. Particles called mitochondrion convert food into energy in the form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in the Krebs cycle, which consists of a series of interactions and intermediate compounds. Any defect in the cycle means a lack of energy and thus may lead to disease.

The performance of the cycle decreases with age or with the lack of auxiliary factors for it, so the concern for health assumes the availability of water and oxygen and the containment of food on the needs of cells, including vitamin C. Recently, it was found that the molecules of adenine dinucleotide and nicotine amide "NAD" play an essential role in supplying the Krebs cycle with the electrons needed for the reaction.

The cycle is speeded up with programmed physical activity, healthy food, and trusted source nutritional supplements like Co Q10 that provide the electronic chain you need. An abundance of energy means immune cells defend the body, reproduce, accelerate the replacement of damaged cells, normal division, and all aspects of life.



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