Water Resources Sustainability

17 February 2021

 In recent years, the sustainability of water resources has gained global interest. An accelerated increase in population associated with the elevated demands for water supply and wastewater industry alongside ecological responses highlighted a potential global need to efficiently manage water resources for the next generations. To tackle this challenge, one possible solution is water resource sustainability. One of the principal goals is to define the link between sustainable development targets and the actual trends of global water resources. This can only be addressed through understanding the integrated performance of different interacted sectors relative to population development, such as the interventions of social, economic, and environmental loops. Therefore, developing strategic plans to frame national and international policies could potentially guide different human-related sectors for best management practices. Efficient consumption of water resources for domestic, industrial, and agricultural activities associated with public awareness is a key system's behavior to achieve sustainable development goals for water resources management. By sharing all local communities and agencies in decision making and application, water resources sustainability can be achieved economically efficient, and environmentally sound.

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