Meeting of the first topic of the 5ISCESD 2021 scientific committee (Green Growth and Sustainable Development)

17 February 2021

The first topic of the Scientific Committee of the Fifth International Scientific Conference on Environment and Sustainable Development (5ISCESD 2021), organized by the Environment Research Center at the University of Technology, is scheduled to be held next March in Istanbul-Turkey, on Wednesday, 10/2/2021 at the center in the presence of the director of the center, Prof. Dr. Abdulhameed Mohammed Jawad al-Obaidi, the respected, during the meeting, some issues related to the first topic in particular and the conference, in general, were discussed while adhering to the Crisis Cell's directives in maintaining social distancing.

The first topic entitled (Green Growth and Sustainable Development) is one of the five topics of the conference, which receives researches interested in several areas, the most important of which are economic growth, economic policies to promote green growth, sustainable agriculture, environmental studies in civil engineering, earth sciences, sanitation, resources. Hydroponics, water conservation, earthquakes, land improvement techniques, environmental modeling, etc.


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