Meeting with the coordinators of the scientific committees of the 5ISCESD 2021

17 February 2021

After the issuance of new instructions and decisions from the Central Crisis Cell, the Director of the Environment Research Center at the University of Technology / Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the Conference, Prof. Dr. Abdulhameed Mohammed Jawad Al-Obaidi, on Sunday 14/2/2021, met with the distinguished coordinators of the scientific topics, who are both Dr. Mohammad Muayad Taha / the first topic, Dr. Thaer Moneim Al-Jader / the second topic, Dr. Mukheled Amer Hussein / the third topic, Dr. Muwaffaq Hussein Muhammad / the fourth topic, Dr. Rana Riyadh Khalil / the fifth topic, to see the progress of the process of evaluating research and accepting the achievement of it and following up the Proofreading and coordination according to the requirements of the IOP publishing. The meeting ended by praising the efforts made by the scientific committees of the conference and providing some valuable directions and important recommendations to maintain the level of work and double the efforts made under the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic and the decisions of the Crisis Cell recently.

It is mentioned that the Fifth International Scientific Conference on Environment and Sustainable Development (5ISCESD 2021), which is being held by the Environment Research Center at the University of Technology-Iraq, includes five main topics, as follows:1- Green Growth and Sustainable Development.

2- Climate Changes and Environmental Pollution.

3- Environment and Green Technology.

4- Ecosystem and Biodiversity Conservation.

5- Environmental Education and Legislation.


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