Sustaining the capillary system for better health

01 December 2021

Sustaining the capillary system for better health


In continuation of the series of lectures of the cultural season of the Environment Research Center at the University of Technology-Iraq, in the presence of the Director of the Center, Prof. Dr. Abdul Hameed M. J., and in the presence of a group of academics and researchers. Basim Hashem Farag, Head of the Sustainable Development Department at the Center, gave a lecture entitled (Sustainability of the capillary system for better health) on Tuesday, November 30, 2021 at 11 am..

The lecture began by defining the subject that the cornerstone of human health is the arrival of blood loaded with nutrients and oxygen to all cells of the body and returning them with the products of vital processes for recycling. He showed that the circulatory system consists of arteries, veins, and capillaries, all of which work as one team, but he touched on the capillaries as structure, function, and external and internal factors affecting their progress and decline in efficiency.

The lecturer stated that the important point of the whole subject is that we elevate ourselves through reading and learning so that each of us is a doctor for himself, and when we visit the doctor, we perform the function of a physician’s assistant to help him in diagnosis and accuracy.

In conclusion, this lecture came with a set of recommendations, namely:

Control blood sugar

Adjust weight

Healthy food

Aerobic and anaerobic exercises

Healthy sleep

Regulating the human biological clock



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