Environment Research Center continues the activities of the University Health Day initiative, with a sports marathon and scientific lectures

21 March 2022
Environment Research Center, in cooperation with the Department of Public Health, continued to implement the University Health Day initiative on Wednesday, March 16, 2022, at the center.
The events opened with the (Marathon) competition in cooperation with the Department of Architecture at the university, with the participation of a number of university employees in its various formations.
After that, an interactive counseling workshop entitled "Acquired Immunodeficiency Disease" was opened under the chairmanship of Assistant Professor Dr. Salih Abdul Redha Al Salih with the assistance of Dr. Muwaffaq H. Mohammed and in the presence of the Director of the Center, Professor Dr. Abdul Hameed M. Jawad, with the participation of a number of specialist doctors, consultants, academics and personalities interested in the field of public health. The consultant doctor Fadel Al-Shibli, the specialist doctor Mohammed Idan Keitan, director of the AIDS control program, and the specialist doctor, Belqis Hussein Hafez, gave their lectures related to the disease and the extent of its seriousness and its impact on society.
Assistant Professor Dr. Najm Abdul-Kazim Jawad, the scientific assistant to the Department of Petroleum Technology at the university, gave his lecture entitled "The Health Effects of Nanomaterials on Students and Researchers", while Dr. Rasha Abdullah Jassim, Director of the Health Promotion Division, gave her lecture entitled "Components of the Covid 19 Vaccine", and concluded the session with a lecture Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Bachachi, entitled "Viral Hepatitis", to be the conclusion of the events and activities of the University Health Day initiative.


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