Annual Center’s Administrative Council meeting

05 November 2023

The 1st annual Administrative Council meeting of the Environment Research Center-University of Technology is successfully held at 10:00 am the 2nd November 2023 in the headquarter of the National Investment Commission / Republic of Iraq.

Administrative Council members are presented by the head of council Prof. Dr. Zainab B. Mohammed accompanied with Dr. Azhar M. Halim, Dr. Mukhalad A. Hussein, Dr. Abbas J Kadhim and Ahmed S. AbdulHassan. External members are presented by Dr. Hydar M. Hammodi (National Investment Commission), Eng. Mahmmod A. Jabar (Baghdad Governorate Sewage) and Dr. Ali M. Al-Khateeb (United Nation- UNICEF).

All Council members were warmly greeted and introduced to each other’s. A brief description of the strategic framework of the center is given by the head of the council. A healthy and constructive debate to support and inforce academic framework headed by the center was highlighted and brought a great attention. Comments from the council members were reported. Further, the council is highly recommended to organize the 6th Scientific Conference of the Environment and Sustainable Development in 2024 of would be an excellent opportunity to discuss environmental challenges in Iraq and the region and distribute the concepts of sustainability.

At the end of the meeting, head of council thanked all the members presented in the meeting for their engagement and encouragement. A special thanks was given for the National Investment Commission for organizing the meeting.

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