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The professor doctor Mohammed A. Al-Shikhli gave a lecture entitled (An international field study of depleted uranium pollution in central and southern Iraq after 2003)) as a part of cultural season of ERC/ UOT, on Thursday, 3/1/2019, The lecture presented the results of the comprehensive field survey of the central and southern areas of Iraq from northern Baghdad to Umm Qasr south of Basra province to investigate the radiation background of areas exposed to direct bombing with depleted uranium armor-piercing missiles / The study, which continued to 2012 refers to the presence of high active radiation more than 10% of the safe rate especially in direct bombing site, as well as  significant increase in the incidence of leukemia and congenital malformations of residents around the affected areas. Finally  The researcher recommended to put radiological map for Iraq radiological background, treat sites with high radiation activity, especially those exposed to direct hits by stabilizing soils with chelating chemicals to reduce the movement of contaminated sands with the prevailing wind direction, measure the pollution of agricultural crops in pre-marketed areas for local consumption, monitor the rise in incidence rates with various cancers, deformed births and providing medical aid to the affected families by treating their members out of Iraq.

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