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On Tuesday, November 9, 2021, a celebration was held at the Environmental Research Center in the presence of the Director of the Center and the distinguished lecturers and affiliates of the Center on the occasion of the retirement of Dr. Sahar Ahmed Amin for reaching the legal age in honor and appreciation for her after a scientific journey that culminated in achieving many successes in the field of scientific research and various activities, wishing her a happy life and permanent success.

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Thursday, 18 November 2021 19:20


Basim Hashim Faraj, Head of the Sustainable Development Department at the Environment Research Center, gave a lecture entitled: Bio-Strengthening, on Wednesday 10/13/2021 at the Center's Green Hall.

The lecturer talked about health problems in the Iraqi society in particular and the world in general, especially the lack of some nutrients such as iron, and one of the mechanisms to address this deficiency by adding it to basic foodstuffs such as wheat as the main food for most of the local community. The most important ways to add these elements, such as genetic engineering, direct spraying on plants, fertilization, and others, were also highlighted.

The lecture concluded with some important recommendations and a call to raise the level of public awareness and expand research work to find appropriate solutions to control the growing shortage of important nutrients.

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