Pollution Bio indicator

The field of Pollution Bioindicator studies is one of the most important modern environmental sciences, which deals with using a wide range of living organisms and harnessing them for environmental monitoring purposes by reversing qualitative and quantitative information on sites contaminated with various types of environmental contaminants in order to take the needed measures to assess and address them.

 Laboratory staff:

 * Ahmed Safa Abdel Hassan. 

The laboratory is equipped with the following specialized equipment:

 Laminar flow Bio-Digital Clean Bench type BCB-160 D, Hanyang Scientific Equipment Co.Ltd-Korea

  1. Illuminated Growth Chamber type JSBI-150C, JS Research INCKorea
  2. Centrifuge Spectrafuge-6C, Labnet international, Inc., USA
  3. Microscope with camera, Opteka Microscopes, Italy
  4. Field multi tester (pH/EC/TDS/⁰C), Hanna Instrument Inc., USA