Radioactivity Lab contains NaI Gamma Ray Spectroscopy system which is used for radionuclides identification and/or quantification by analysis of the gamma-ray energy produced in a gamma-ray spectrometer. Gamma Ray Spectrometer consists of:

1. 905-4 NaI Scintillation Detector, 3x3-in. crystal, 3-in. tube

2. digit BASE 14-Pin PMT Base for NaI Application

3. LEAD SHIELD G-5 Table-Top Lead Shield for NaI detector

4. A35-B32 ScintiVision-32 Gamma-Ray Analysis with NaI

Lab. Measurements

  • Scientific Research in nuclear Technology
  • Radioactive measurements for different environmental samples including soil, food, water, building materials…etc.
  • Sample analyses and Uranium concentration measurements in addition to more than 20 elements.
  • Measurements of gamma emitters' concentrations which contain more than 200 radioisotopes in different environmental samples.
  • Scanning of imported products
  • Determination of Uranium concentration in different places of Iraq by analysis of natural radioactivity samples (NORM).
  • Radon gas Measurements using Nuclear Track Method CR-39 for different environmental samples.
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