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Saadi Mohammad Dhahir

Environmental Research Center, University of Technology

Assistant Professor

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Saadi M. D. Al-Nuzal was born in Basrah, Iraq, in 1953. He obtained the B.S., M Sc. degrees in 1974 and 1977, respectively, from Al‐Basrah University, Basrah, Iraq, and the Ph. D. degree from Sussex University, Brighton, UK in 1986. Started his employment at the Chemistry Department, College of Science, at the Basrah University as an Assistant Lecturer in analytical chemistry, in 1978, and subsequently was promoted to the rank of Lecturer, in 1987. Work at The Iraqi Directorate of Chemistry at The Ministry of Science and technology during the period of 1987–2006 as head department. Worked at Chemistry Department, Al-Mustansiyria University during 2006-2012, and then as Assistant Professor The Environmental Research Centre, The University of Technology in 2012. His research program focuses on the synthesis of pharmaceuticals, radiopharmaceuticals, coordination and nuclear chemistry. He has more than 30 published articles in different peer reviewed journals, and three books.

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- • Ph.D in Organometallic Chemistry, Sussex University, 1986.

- • M.Sc in Instrumental Analysis, Basrah University, 1977.

- • B.Sc. in Chemistry, Basrah University, 1974.

Inorganic, Coordination, Main group element, Nuclear, Pharmaceutical, Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry, Analytical, and Environmental chemistry

1. "Effect of Rice and Lentil as Mixed Meals on Postprandial Relative Glycemic Response in Healthy Adults."
Basim H. Faraj, Saadi M. D. Al-Nuzal, A. A. Ayoub,
International Journal of Science and Research, Vol. 8, Issue 10, 2019.

2. "Alpha radioactivity level along Tigris river sediments in Baghdad governorate area by using CR-39 SSNTD`s."
Saadi M. D. Al-Nuzal, Abdul-Hameed Mohammed Jawad, and Sahar Ahmed Amin,
Applied Water Science, Vol.9:149, 2019.

3. "Synthesis and anticancer evaluation of new heterocyclic Compounds in cell line L20B in-vitro." J. Pharm.
Muhanned A. Mahmoud, Ahmed Younus Abed, Saadi M. D. Al-Nuzal,
Sci. & Res. Vol. 11(3), Pp. 901-904, 2019.




Analytical Chemistry

1. Iraq Science Fellowship Program for six month on radiopharmacy, at Nevada University of Las Vegas and Hunter College, New York, September 2013.

2. Award of the Arab Science and Technology Foundation for the project "Building of a Prototype Fluidized Bed Opposed Jet Mill System for Research, Applied Research, Engineering and Industrial Materials.", Contract no. 227-12, 1 July 2012. (A).

3. Grant from IAEA/TC to attend 11 Nuclear institutions in Budapest area, Hungary, 2011. (B).

4. Grant from IAEA/TC to attend the International Conference on Management of Spent Fuel from Nuclear Power Reactors.", 19-23 June 2006, Vienna, Austria.

5. Grant from IAEA/TC to attend the International Symposium on Trends in radiopharmaceuticals (ISTR-2006), Vienna, Austria, 14–18 November 2005.

6. Scholarship from Basrah University/Basrah, Iraq to get the Ph. D degree at Sussex University/South Sussex, U.K, 1983-1986.

7. Scholarship from Basrah University/Basrah, Iraq for the M.Sc., 1974-1977.

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