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Rana Riyadh Khaleel Ismail

Environmental Research Center, University of Technology


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Born in 16/2/1975 Baghdad/Iraq

Affiliation to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research on 1/4/2002

Ph.D. Biology/Ecology, Baghdad University/College of Science for Women 17/6/2019

Lecturer in 15/4/2009

MSc. Application of Laser in Biology, Baghdad University/Institute of laser for Postgraduate Studies 24/11/2001

B.Sc. Biology/Microbiology, Al-Mustansiyria University/College of Science 1/10/1997

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- •Ph.D. In Ecology 2018-2019 Baghdad University/Collage of Science/ Biology Department

- • M. Sc. In Application of lasers in Biology 2001-2002 University of Baghdad/Institute of laser for postgraduate studies.

- • B. Sc. In Biology (Microbiology) 1996-1997 Al-Mustansiyria university/Collage of Science/ Biology Department.

Water pollution, water quality indices, phytoremediation, laser radiation, surfactant extraction, soil (sediment) and water analysis.

1. "Assessment of water quality in the selected sites on the Tigris River, Baghdad-Iraq."
RR Al-Ani, A Al Obaidy, RM Badri,
International Journal of Advanced Research 2 (5), 1125-1131

2. "Assessment of natural radionuclides in powdered milk consumed in Iraq "
A Sahar, AM Rana, R Al-Ani,
Assessment 6 (13)

3. "The effect of He: Ne laser on viability and growth rate of Leishmania major
RR Al-Ani, AS Jassim, SR Al-Jeboory,
Iraqi Journal of Laser 6 (1), 17-20.

1. Human Histology/ Technical Medical Institute – Mansour/2001-2002.

2.Parasitology/university of Baghdad/Institute of laser for postgraduate studies/2004.

3.Computing Laboratory of the Higher Diploma/ university of Baghdad/Institute of laser for postgraduate studies/2003-2009.

4.Laboratory for Laser Optics and Higher Diploma/2003-2009.

5.Water and soil analysis in lab. 2018- till now.

She has many books of thanks and appreciation from the university presidents And divisions

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