Technicians & Administrators Staff

No. Name Specialization CV
 1  Senior Manager. Muhanned Redha Theiab  Plant protection Click Here
 Senior Cheif Statistician. Dhamaya Shakir Mahmod  Statistics Click Here
 Technician Manager. Maha Mahdi Hashim  Accounting Click Here
 Assist Senior Chemist. Ahmad Alwan Nsaif  Chemistry Click Here
 Assist Senior Physicist. Basaad Hadi Jazaa  Physics Click Here

Assist Senior Chemist. Ali Aadel Jasim

 Physics Click Here

 Technical Chief Supervisor. Sura Sattar Abod

 Water Resources Click Here
 Technical Chief Supervisor. Ma`ath Ali Saleh  Technical Diploma Click Here
 Chief Supervisor. Asmaa Adnan Taher  Office Management Click Here
10   Assistant Chief Engineer. Ahmed Natiq Ghazi  Animal Production Click Here
11   Engineer. Doa’a Abdul Razaq Tarish  Civil Engineering Scholarship 
12    Assistant Engineer. Kawther Ahmed Sahib  Computer and Control Engineering  Click Here

  Assistant Engineer. Baqer Haider Fadhil

 Electronic engineering Click Here
14    Assistant Engineer. Maryam Jasim Abbas  Construction and project management   Click Here
15    Assistant Engineer. Rusul Ali Tariq  Material Engineering  Click Here 
16  Assistant Engineer. Lubna Sabah Hussien   Material Engineering  Click Here 
17  Assistant Engineer. Ameer Mohammad Alwan  Sanitary and environmental Engineering   Click Here
18  Assistant Engineer. Aya Hasan Abd Alwahad  Sanitary and environmental Engineering   Click Here
19  Assistant Engineer. Rafif Khalid Abd Alsatar  Sanitary and environmental Engineering   Click Here
20  Assistant Engineer. Daniah Ghassan Adel  Sanitary and environmental Engineering  Click Here
21  Assistant Engineer. Zainab Basil Ali  Sanitary and environmental Engineering   Click Here
22  Chief Craftsman. Haider Mohammed Shalash    

 Chief Craftsman. Omar Adel Ahmed


 Craftsman. Abd Alrudha Kareem Baseet

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