vision and objectives

Graduation Projects Preliminary



      The center works hard to obtain the academic accreditation and the local, global prominence in scientific research (academic and applicable) towards a clean environment, sound economy and serious participation in concretization of principles of sustainable development.   


      Consolidating the principles of the scientific research to face the current environmental challenges, preparing an integrated system of plans, programs and prominent scientific researches and promoting partnership with governmental institutions and civil community bodies that deal with the issues of environment.  


  Preparing sound conditions for the scientific researches through providing most modern and sophisticated equipments and facilities.
 Ÿ Participating in planning proper strategic policies to face environmental erosion and to protect natural resources via using possible alternative, promoting facilities and modern environmental technology.
 Ÿ  Consolidating the social participation education, environmental sustainable development and environmental awareness for all Iraqi sectors.  
 Ÿ Other tasks
* Exchanging scientific consultations and experiences.
* Offering lab services and other facilities.
* Encouraging social cooperation
* Executing research projects, training courses and workshops in the environmental subjects.
* Trying to link our center with the local community.