Environmental Pollution Department

  This department is focused to carry out academic researches and studies, offer scientific and environmental consultations leading to participation in solving the environmental problems and interact with the surrounding environmental and scientific progress in the field of environment protection. To achieve these tasks, the department plans is to carry out the following topics:

  • Identification of environmental pollution and diagnosing the most pollutants particularly those recently and continuously emitted due to various activities, in addition to suggest integrated programs to control the pollutants.
  • Develop various types of treatment technologies of wastewater so as to protect the environment from pollution and to reuse the final effluent of treated wastewater and solid part (sludge) in different application.        
  •  Environmental impact assessments for all man-made activities.
  •  Participating in the study of different environmental phenomena that caused the dissertation and suggesting the appropriate plans to treat them.
  • Remote sensing application and environmental observation and geographic information system (GIS) in study and evaluate environmental pollution so as to suggest the suitable plans to serve it.  
  •  Highlight the global environment issues such as climate change and ozone layer to crystallize the practical national efforts concerning to these issues.  
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