Sustainable Development Department

  Sustainable development department was established as an initiative submitted by the environmental research-university of technology, to integrate the environmental concepts with society and economy, bringing prosperity to the Iraqi society in the present and future and to maintain natural resources for future generations.

The Department of Sustainable Development (DSD) is focused in outlined the future working plans by applying “The strategy of Sustainable Development 2009-2012” entitled; let’s work together for sustainable Iraq, which aims to the formulation of National (SD) indicators and implementing UN-SDGs in Iraq through three main pillars:

  First: Raise the awareness of the concept of sustainable development to all the Iraqi community.

 Second: Encouraging the governmental departments and public sector institutions (private and mixed) to identify the indicators of SD and SDs.

 Third: Trans develop young proficient cadres in SD.  

     The main goal of department is to apply its strategy towards an aware participation and liability for all Iraqi society in preparing of SDI strategy in Iraq, as well as supports the researches and university studies with the principles and fundamentals of sustainable development. Also, the department adapt the preparation of concepts and strategies that may lead to raising the current development sector in Iraq through communication with the governmental, and non-governmental institutions of civil society organizations and others by holding seminars and workshops.

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