Center presidency

Administrative Structure

The Center is run by a council headed by a director as well as heads of Scientific departments as internal members and two or three experts as external members. The council draws the general policy of the center in the field of scientific, financial and administrative activity. In addition to suggesting the annual scientific plans and transferring the modern technology programs to application field, and following up the execution and assessment of all plans.

 Center Presidency

 Prof. Dr. Zainab Bahaa Mohamed (Director of the Center)


 Asst. Prof. Dr. Azhar Mahmood Haleem


 Lecturer Dr. Mokhalad Amer Hossain


 Lecturer Dr. Abbas Jawad Kadhem


 Asst. Prof. Dr. Haider Mohammed Hamody


 Senior Chief Engineer Mahmood Azeez Jabar


 Dr. Mohammed Jawad Alkhateeb


 Asst. Lecturer.  Ahmed Safaa Abdul Hassan




 Administration Units

Administration and   Finance Unit

* The unit is to support administrative services.

* Follow-up and document various administrative and financial activities in the center.

Environmental Training   and Development Unit

* Propose training plans to develop efficiency and capabilities of human resources in the center.

Work with continues education center to conduct number of training courses in a co-operation framework with environmental research center.

* coordinate with the official authorities and NGO for human resour training through various scientific activities like workshops, symposium and training courses.

* Provide data-sets and services as well as scientific recommendations to the stake holder and other community organizations.  

Documentation and    Follow-up Unit

* Record and update data files calendar for the staff members of the center to evaluate the performance, as well as organizing and updating the personal files of employees at the center.

* Provide an electronic database to document all staff activities, including the scientific activities of the plan and monitor its implementation and completion achieved, and the issuance of the annual report of the achievements of the center base preparation.

* Ensure quality control procedures in place.

* control to the university system matrices and staff and the system of research.

     Quality Assurance      Unit

* The quality control and assurance the scientific research and all the activities on-site center labs.



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