Disaster Fish in Iraq

 The fungal rot (Branchiomycosis) is a seasonal fungal disease affecting fish, such as carp, caused by fungus (Branchimoycas Sanguinis). It is an Of oval primers that attacks the Glandular arteries. It breaks up in the capillaries until it erupts and spreads throughout the whole gland. Causing its fragmentation as the fish spend suffocation

The color of the gills is between the red hemorrhagic and pale, as the corneal thrombocytopenia and shows the adhesion of thrombocytopenia among them after healing.

One of the factors contributing to the spread of the disease is the lack of water flow to the ponds or the lack of replenishment of the basin water. The rise of temperatures above 25 ° C is another factor, in addition to the pollution of water in quantities of organic matter, especially in ducks farms with fish. So these factors should be avoided to prevent the emergence and spread of the disease.

For the purpose of treating the disease, in case of appearance, the provision of feed, increase the flow of water to the ponds and replenishment of the pond should be stopped. Lime material should be sprayed in the ponds. A sterile material can be used to spray and wash the ponds to eliminate the disease. Drainages should be dried in the fall after the fish are sold or after unloading fish. The dead fish in the ponds must be removed and destroyed outside the water, knowing that this disease does not spread to humans  

 At October and the beginning of November 2018, Babil Governorate in Iraq, especially in Musayyib witnessed the death of large numbers of fish in the Al-furat River and observe in Tarmiyah and Rashidiya on the Dijla River.

Veterinarians have speculated that the cause of the death is contamination of water or food, which in turn led to poisoning or inflammation of the intestines and rot in the fish

The responsible authorities decided to ban the entry of live or frozen fish until further notice 

Lecturer Afaf A. Ayoub

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