Laboratory Equipments

The Environment Research Center / University of Technology laboratories place at the core of their mission to provide high-quality services to researchers by using modern specialized equipment in the field of environment and sustainable development.

The devices provided by the center can be clarified through its laboratories as follows:
Automated Analysis Lab

The laboratory is equipped with the specialized equipment shown below:
- Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, 6300, Shimadzu, Japan
- Flame Photometer, PFP7, Jenway, Uk
- AutoAnalyzer, AA3, SEAL Analytical, Germany
- UV-Spectrophotometer, Shimadzu, Japan
As well as other choking devices such as distillation and vaporizers, scales, vibrators, water bath, acidity measurement, electrical conduction, and furnaces.

Bio-Contamination Evidence Lab

The laboratory is equipped with the specialized equipment shown below:
- Laminar flow Bio-Digital Clean Bench type BCB-160 D, Hanyang Scientific Equipment Co.Ltd-Korea
- Illuminated Growth Chamber type JSBI-150C, JS Research INC Korea
- Centrifuge Spectrafuge-6C, Labnet International, Inc., USA
- Microscope with a camera, Opteka Microscopes, Italy
- Field multi tester (pH/EC/TDS/⁰C), Hanna Instrument Inc., USA
Air pollution laboratory

The laboratory is equipped with the specialized equipment shown below:
- G460
- Co₂, Humidity, Thermometer
- Ozone Sensor
- Sound level meter
- Air Sampler
Radioactivity Laboratory

The system is available in a laboratory environment is radioactive ray spectrometer system gamma (NaI Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy). The lab conducts research and practical experience in the field of science as well as nuclear technology and to provide measurement and testing of environmental radiation and various food samples and consumer services. The gamma spectroscopy system consists of:

- 905-4 NaI Scintillation Detector, 3x3-in. crystal, 3-in. tube

- digit BASE 14-Pin PMT Base for NaI  Application
- LEAD SHIELD G-5 Table-Top Lead Shield for NaI detector
- A35-B32 ScintiVision-32 Gamma-Ray Analysis with NaI
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