Lecture entitled (Fuel Cells ... Future Engines)

20 March 2019

Assistant Lecturer Ahmed Qusay Salam delivered a lecture titled "Fuel Cells ... Future Engines" on Wednesday, March 20, 2019. The lecture summarized the following:

Fuel cells are Energy units that product power out of electrochemical responses. In fuel cell (PEMFC), a membrane isolates oxidation while decrease half responses. The hydrogen gas was used as a fuel   and the immaculate or surrounding air was used as an oxidant. Heat and water are the main side effects of this response. PEMFC are considered as futurity gadgets to versatile, fixed, and compact force implementations due to their high power adequacy, nil emission, minimum clamor and possibility utilize of renewable energizes. Transport of mass, momentum, energy, species and charges are the complex processes that happen in one time through working of a PEMFC. Parts of   a PEMFC are collected from cathode and anode flow channels, gas diffusion layers (GDLs), ), catalyst layers and the membrane. During the working of a PEMFC, hydrogen atoms are supplied at the anode and split into protons and electrons. The polymeric membrane conducts protons to the cathode while the electrons are pushed cycle an outside circuit and a current is produced from anode side to cathode side by means of electric burden. Oxygen (structure air) is expended in the cathode side and responds with the hydrogen particles, delivering water and heat.


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