A meeting with the Ministry of Environment to achieve sustainable development goals

12 November 2023

Within the framework of promoting effective cooperation and achieving sustainable development goals, Dr. Abbas Jawad Kazem, Head of the Sustainable Development Department at the Environmental Research Center, met with the Head of the Sustainable Development Department at the Ministry of Environment, Mr. Munir Abbas Hussein. On December 11, 2023, these meetings were part of a series of activities aimed at activating joint mechanisms between the Center and the Ministry.

Mrs. Maysoon Sabr Ibrahim, the Director of the Ministry of Environment's Development Department, actively participated in the meeting. In order to accomplish the seventeen goals of sustainable development, creative techniques and improved collaboration were the topics of discussion at the session.

Dr. Abbas Jawad Kazem pointed out the importance of combining efforts and directing energies towards achieving sustainable development in society. Mr. Munir Abbas Hussein praised the Center’s efforts and stressed the importance of the existing partnership to achieve national goals in the fields of environment and sustainable development.

Important topics are the focus of the cooperation processes between the Ministry of Environment and the Center, such as contemporary environmental technology projects, raising awareness of the significance of sustainability, and protecting the natural environment.

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