A prestigious seminar on climate change and dust storms in Iraq.

05 December 2023

As part of the collaboration between the Environmental Research Center and the Department of Communications Engineering, the Sustainable Development Department at the center organized a seminar titled 'Sand and Dust Storms in Iraq-2023' in the Green Hall of the Communications Engineering Department on November 22, 2023. The seminar was presented by the Chief Engineer, Mr. Fadaa Turki, a specialist in Geomatics Engineering and an expert at the Ministry of Environment/Information Technology Center. The seminar covered vital aspects of sustainable development and adaptation to climate change.

The researcher addressed several important topics, focusing on the impact of sand and dust storms in Iraq in 2023. The topics covered included the effects of drought, the impact of pollutants on the environment, and the environmental degradation resulting from sand and dust storms. The speaker explained the environmental effects and climate change using satellite images, remote sensing, and geographic information systems for in-depth analysis.

In this context, Turki emphasized that the sources of these storms are not local to Iraq, but the country is directly affected by them. He supported his explanations with satellite images and utilized remote sensing and geographic information systems to highlight scientific facts and provide an intensive analysis of the environmental situation in Iraq.

This seminar marks an important step in transferring knowledge and raising awareness about the environmental challenges facing Iraq. It strengthens efforts to promote sustainable development and adapt to climate changes in the region."

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