Lecture entitled: Semi-Quantitative Risk Assessment in the Chemical Stores.

13 December 2023

As part of the cultural season of the Environmental Research Center

Assistant Professor Dr. Azhar Mahmoud teaching at the Environmental Research Center at the University of Technology, gave a lecture entitled:: "Semi-Quantitative Risk Assessment in the Chemical Stores" It showed that chemicals are produced in very large quantities to meet the growing needs in industry and scientific research, so the number of people exposed to the risks of chemicals is increasing. Chemicals can exist in different states within the work′s environment: solid, liquid, gaseous, vapors, or carried on suspended dust in laboratories and warehouses of academic institutions. It is necessary to develop a good management system and assess the risks of chemicals on an ongoing basis to protect students and new employees who are constantly exposed to the risk of accidents, or manipulating the stocks of hazardous materials to threaten the lives of safe people by corrupt. So the academic institution is not completely safe, as many accidents occur every year due to misuse and wrong storage of chemicals. There are several systematic methods for evaluating chemical risks, either using computer programs or manual evaluation by specialized committees that may contribute to reducing accidents that occur in warehouses and laboratories. They are undoubtedly useful and enable us to make the right decisions regarding the necessary measures to protect people and the environment. In other words, a comprehensive chemical risk assessment provides us with the necessary information about appropriate control measures for exposed workers, risk factors that facilitate appropriate decision-making on establishing measures, training employees, protecting workers' health and developing appropriate mitigation measures. 

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