Lecture entitled: Climate Change in Iraq

05 January 2024

As part of the cultural season of the Environmental Research Center

Dr. ABBAS J. KADHEM -head of the Sustainable Development Department-ERC presented a lecture on Wednesday, 3/1/2024 at 10:00 pm entitled (Climate Change in Iraq).

The lecture begins by defining the concept of climate change, emphasizing its significance as a phenomenon characterized by long-term shifts in weather conditions, leading to comprehensive environmental impacts. The focus is directed towards climate changes in Iraq, where there is a recorded increase in temperatures and fluctuations in precipitation patterns.

The lecture provides participants with an overview of the effects of these changes on the environment, such as a decline in water resources and negative impacts on agriculture and biodiversity. The speaker also discusses potential health effects, with a particular focus on the rise in temperatures and the impact on air quality and human health.

Attention is then turned to the future projections of the climate in Iraq, highlighting the importance and necessity of adapting to these changes. There is an emphasis on developing effective strategies to reduce carbon emissions and enhance adaptability to the expected impacts of climate change. The lecture concludes by calling for active engagement and motivation to bring about positive change in addressing these pressing environmental challenges.

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