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Muwafaq Hussain Al-Lami

Environmental Research Center, University of Technology


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I graduated from College of Education for Applied Sciences / University of Baghdad in 1997, with a BSc degree in Biological Science. I then graduated from College of Science / University of Baghdad in 2000, with MSc degree in Environmental Sciences. Then, I went to the United Kingdom to undertake a PhD degree in Environmental Technology, which was awarded in 2019 by the well-established University of Leicester.

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PhD. in Environmental Technology, University of Leicester, College of life sciences.

M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences,College of Science,Baghdad University.Baghdad-Iraq.

B.Sc. in Biological Sciences, College of Education for Applied Sciences, Baghdad University. Baghdad-Iraq.

1.Environmental Technology 2. Green Infrastructure Innovation 3. Wastewater Treatment and Water Quality Management 4. Environmental Processes and System Dynamics 5. Sustainability Assessment and Policy Analysis 6. System Innovation Practice

1. "Toxicity effect of the combination of some heavy metals on green alga Scenedesmus quadricauda"
Hussain A.S., Thaer I.K.& Muwafaq H.M. (2000)
Eco& dev. Res. J.,3(2).

"Accumulative Effect of Some Heavy Metals on Alga Scenedesmus qudricuada (Turp.) de Bresson,"
Muwafaq H.M., hussain A.S & thaer I.K. (2001).
J.of Anbar Univ., Iraq.

"Toxicity of certain oil wastes from Iraq towards some Cladocera species"
Muwafaq H. Mohammed and Bernd Markert (2005).
Ecological Chemistry and Engineering, Vol. 12.

Environmental Protection and Pollution control.


Biomonitoring and Bioindication.

National response strategies:preparation for oil spillage and the national response system.

Oil spills" Environmental Effects and treatment Technologies".

Renewable Energy" From Ecological, Technical and economic Point of View".

1. A member in The International Association for Ecology (INTECOL), USA, 2005.

2.Cooperative scientist in the Environmental Institute of Scientific Network (EISN), Germany, 2012.(A).

3. A member in Constructed wetland association (CWA), UK, 2015.(B).

4.A member of system dynamics society, USA, 2017.

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