Lecture entitled “Pollution of Water Resources”

17 December 2019

As part of the cultural season of the Environmental Research Center


The director of ERC (Prof. Dr. Abdul Hameed M. Jawad Al-Obaidy) presented a lecture on Thursday, 5 December 2019 entitled “Pollution of Water Resources”

where the most important key messages that characterized the reality of the water resources in Iraq were discussed under specified conditions of limited availability and scarcity of water and thus, its inability to meet the requirements of current and future investment.

The main reasons for these conditions are relating to increasing the population density, water consumption and development of technological capabilities that negatively affect the environment, which led to the emergence of competition for water uses and environmental pollution.

At the end of the lecture, the lecturer discussed the possibility of hard research in the above reasons and adopting them as scientific research guidelines in the field of water resources within the scientific plan based on long-term strategic extents of the ERC in the coming years.  

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