Lecture entitled “Environmental Pollution and Genetic Mutations”

18 December 2019

As part of the cultural season of the Environmental Research Center

Dr. Mohammed Muayad Taha-lecturer in the Department of Environmental Technology-ERC presented a lecture on Tuesday, 17/12/2019 at 12:00 entitled "Environmental Pollution and Genetic Mutations”. The lecturer stated that environmental pollution is one of the most serious disasters that faces human in the modern era where it means the deterioration of the environment as a result of a defect in it so that it loses its ability to perform its role in self-disposal of pollutants according to natural processes.

Several studies have shown that environmental pollution has significant effects on human life that exceed all previous expectations, and it causes dangerous genetic mutations in DNA that have not been taken into consideration by many researchers. In the recent period, there have been cases of births of children who are suffering from so-called “Mongolian” down syndrome (MN) resulting from a change in the chromosomes where there is an additional version of chromosome 21 or part of it in the cells, which causes a change in the genes. Doctors point out that this issue is not due to traditional and well-known causes, including the mother’s age, but rather to exposure to some types of environmental pollution that distort some genetic genes or cause defects therein. At the end of the lecture, the lecturer recommended the following:

* The importance of follow-up this issue in our medical institutions and taking it into account in terms of researching into its causes

* Avoiding the excessive use of chemicals in the home such as detergents and powders in general and harmful pesticides in particular

* Following an appropriate diet that contains the essential nutrients and fibers that reduce the effects of chemical contamination. Many doctors and nutrition experts believe that the presence of nutritional supplements is important for human health such as fiber, vitamins and nutrients such as magnesium, as well as reducing caffeine and substances that are harmful to health.



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