Participation of D. Rana Riyad Khalil in the master’s student discussion

08 November 2023

Dr. Rana Riyad Khalil from the Environmental Research Center/University of Technology participated in the discussion of the master’s student “Fatima Khaled Daoud” from the University of Baghdad/College of Science for Girls” on 10/5/2023, specializing in the environment, with her thesis entitled “Investigation of pathogenic fecal bacteria in agricultural soils in Baghdad.” The thesis included a study of some chemical and physical characteristics of agricultural soils in some areas of the city of Baghdad in terms of their contamination with heavy elements (Fe and Cu) and the presence of pathogenic fecal bacteria, conducting evidence of contamination of the soil and comparing it with environmental determinants, as well as finding the relationship between the presence of pathogenic bacteria and the concentrations of the elements Fe and Cu.

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